How many successfully funded projects on Kickstarter fail to deliver?

Answer: approximately 9 percent

by News Staff / April 18, 2016

According to an independent analysis by the University of Pennsylvania — the largest study to ever examine the Kickstarter community —  9 percent of Kickstarter projects failed to deliver rewards.

The study also found that:

  • 8 percent of dollars pledged went to failed projects;
  • 7 percent of backers failed to receive their chosen reward; and
  • 65 percent of backers agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that “the reward was delivered on time."

Perhaps the most notorious Kickstarter failure was the Coolest Cooler, a decked-out cooler complete with blender, Bluetooth speaker and USB charger, and a cutting board that, back in August of 2014, was the top funded Kickstarter campaign ever. The cooler's creator, Ryan Grepper, raised more than $13 million for his project, breaking Kickstarter's funding record.

But as Mashable reports, almost two years after Coolest's launch on Kickstarter, one one-third of backers have received their coolers, which has sent the crowdfunding concept into a tailspin.