What's one solution for dealing with inconsiderate dog owners?

Answer: a pet DNA database

by / November 23, 2016

We've all been on a walk in the park and seen a little pile of Fido’s leftovers; clearly the owner was too busy — or too cool — to pick up after his canine (he said he forgot the bags, likely story). But there may be a high-tech way to combat this problem.

In a letter sent to the Concord, N.H., City Council, Jon Kelly, a local English teacher and strong opponent of stepping in inconvenient places, asked for dogs' biological DNA, gathered by cheek swab during licensing, to be on file so the city could test the abandoned waste and fine violators.

The City Council wrote back claiming that it does not have the legal authority to require a doggy DNA database — but Kelly said he's ready to petition for the legislature to change the law.

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