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Can electric vehicles make music?

Answer: This one can.

Sliders for adjusting music.
If you’ve ever wondered what an electric vehicle would sound like if it were a soundtrack, look no further than Polestar’s recent collaboration with Moritz Simon Geist. The partnership saw Mortiz, a robotics engineer and musician, create music from the Swedish electric performance carmaker’s Polestar 2 vehicle.

To create his composition, Moritz built robots from different parts of the Polestar 2. He then had each robot extract a sound sample from within its components, either a physical noise or the changing electromagnetic field. Moritz then took those sounds and created beats and wrote an original composition with them, essentially turning the vehicle into an instrument. Take a listen here.

“We’re used to listening to music in cars. Thanks to Moritz and his squad of robots, we can now listen to cars in music,” said Asa Borg, head of brand and marketing at Polestar.
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