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What’s the most popular dog name in New York City?

Answer: Bella

Bella comes out on top at 1,195. Max is a close second at 1,153. Chloe makes a reasonable showing with 465. There is only one Melville.

Cities are mining data to improve all kinds of citizen services, like housing, transit and education. But the Big Apple dug into some friendly, four-legged facts to create its new interactive map: Dog Names in New York City, which is where the previously mentioned stats were pulled from.
The Health Department requires dog owners to register their pups with the city, creating not only less chance that a dog will get lost, but also a fun look at what New Yorkers like to name their pets. If a new dog owner is scanning the map to find whether their perfect pet name is less unique than originally thought, they can also follow links to the dog licensing website to make sure little Tiberius is legal (just kidding, the dog’s name is probably Max).

The Health Department’s release about the data also includes the locations of animal care centers, as well as pet health and safety tips. And WNYC has the names broken down even further by ZIP code, breed, food names, place names and more.