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What kind of weather is pizza weather?

Answer: Pizza Hut has set out to find the answer.

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Pizza Hut recently confirmed that it is going to start trying to predict when you’ll be in the mood for a pizza, and what kind, based on the weather. It’s going to do this using artificial intelligence. The AI will, among other things, look at the weather in a certain location and compare it to what people are ordering in order to make predictions about what people will want when those weather conditions come around again.

According to Tristan Burns, Pizza Hut’s global head of analytics, the weather is just one example of the kinds of things the AI will be looking at to make predictions on pizza preferences. It will also look at things like where they are and “ingest customer behavior and a little bit about who customers are.” All in the service, of course, of making sure you know exactly what you want.
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