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New Science on the Cascadia Subduction Fault

This is information I've not read about before.

by Eric Holdeman / August 7, 2018

Science continues to make new discoveries on many different fronts. One of them is the Cascadia Subduction fault that runs from British Columbia down to Northern California. See this article, Parts of the Pacific Northwest’s Cascadia fault are more seismically active than others — new imaging data suggests why

If you have ever wondered how scientists can know what they do about our Earth's crust and diving deeper into Earth, then this article will give you a small glimpse into the science and tools that are being used to "image" what is going on beneath our feet. 

I don't think this new information provides us anything that is actionable or that will change our preparedness activities, but knowing more about the hazard is always a good thing.

Claire "Subduction" Rubin shared the link above.