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Disaster Zone

Disaster Zone Blog by Eric Holdeman
How do we reflect the science so people are warned?
When policy people cross over into operations.
Not to mention truck drivers, cops, firefighters, cooks, wait staff ... .
Understand what a police state looks like.
Have you looked at satellite communications?
Situational awareness in emergency management and on the battlefield.
We move on to the next event.
“Professional Response and Recovery Management in the Age of Disasters.”
I’ve been taught a lesson.
This is a must-listen to achieve better understanding.
Hear from FEMA and Pac NW state EM directors.
It is not the past, it is about future pandemics.
Not your typical Disaster Zone blog post.
Latest U.S. climate report has little to cheer about.
There are underground rivers too.
To be ready to speak to the media requires preparation up front.
You don’t normally see these posted broadly.
It is a debate happening now among journalists.
There will be lessons for others in catastrophic disaster recovery.
Helping insurance companies price their policies and estimate damages.
Abandon some places and fortify others from climate impacts.
Contact me for a referral.
You don't need to be in a flood plain to get flooded.
Some call it "worst-case planning."
The value of a memorable phrase in disaster public education.
It was my "aha" of today.
Choose wisely when deciding where to live.
We should be fixing these now before another pandemic hits.
It is everywhere and we individually have to be watchful!