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Disaster Zone

Disaster Zone Blog by Eric Holdeman
Once again, financial means makes a difference.
Community Points of Distribution (CPODS) planning in Washington state.
Crank up the printing presses, we will need more money!
Amazon says teams can decide on office vs. remote.
A focus on the transportation system.
Who is on a corporate board in a crisis makes a difference.
Ethical leadership is needed.
A new July 2021 publication from FEMA.
Balancing energy needs and climate change.
What do they have in common?
If so, the emergency management profession is not for you.
Use LinkedIn as part of your job search.
Remember, the first report is almost always wrong.
There are still kinks in the supply system.
There is information on NYC, technology and leadership.
Some say yes, almost over.
Why the FDA should not approve the drug.
Word or symbol origins.
THOR, a new Verizon product.
Pinching pennies leads to losing larger sums of money.
See the breakdown region by region.
It is nothing to brag about.
Some people go brain dead when it comes to writing a resume.
Who doesn’t want night flying attack helicopters for wildfires?
There is more than one reason to do so.
Critical infrastructure owners and operators are a primary concern.
Hurricane Sam counts as an 2021 Atlantic storm, but other than “surf’s up” it looks like the United States will be spared landfall.
I think you could call it outright disinformation!
If it is your home, it is a disaster.
Paying truck drivers is one issue — cybersecurity.
It seems pretty clear to me!