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Disaster Zone

Disaster Zone Blog by Eric Holdeman
It never rains in Southern California.
Training is fundamental to emergency management.
It is summer in Chile.
There appears to be a different tone in Congress.
Using technology to aid in prevention and mitigation.
See what Chicago OEM is doing.
Leadership is key in all situations.
When good weather is in the news — that is news.
This will help many people get the help they are entitled to.
Will someone pick up where I left off?
This is one prediction that has been proven to be true.
Yes, you likely have many faults.
Regulation is needed for the AI industry.
One way to help, but not solve, the price of property insurance.
As you write your papers, document, document.
The pressures to build will likely overcome disaster resilience concerns.
But, we don’t know where it will lead.
Providing for better state to local support and connections.
Gird up your loins, you will be in a race to adopt new technology.
The photographs tell the story.
This is an area many people and organizations screw up.
An opportunity to use Siri.
And, are the impacts of climate change accelerating?
This was a U.S. Coast Guard-led effort.
This is one of two "Best of 2023" podcasts.
On average 40 to 50 percent more rain.
Ah, if only logistics was easy.
Looks like a great position.
The index is only as good as the data.