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Disaster Zone

Disaster Zone Blog by Eric Holdeman
Should we now color outside the lines?
For now, it is a “maybe.”
Vaccines are available, but not the process.
The state has not had the catastrophic losses that California and Oregon have experienced.
From a respected leader in public health.
Our Arctic Circle state and climate change tip of the spear.
Might your good intentions make you a target?
It won’t be easy or cheap.
Torrential rains were the cause.
For earthquakes it can be different.
It is brewing and its path is unknown.
There are all types of disaster research going on today.
Logistics always rules the day.
It is that time of year again ...
Understand that insurance companies are “for profit.”
Pets have become family members.
Constant improvement has to be the goal.
How well are you connected to your organization’s technology leadership?
It is not Sally or Mary ... or Fred.
This is what is happening and likely will happen more in the future.
All the property losses from natural disasters need to be covered.
This is a difficult task.
Another typical disaster day in California.
Several links to stories about what went right and wrong.
A review of a new book on information management for disasters.
Multiple impacts from the record water temperatures.
Lessons from four decades of studying emergency management.
Today, tomorrow and into the future.