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Disaster Zone

Disaster Zone Blog by Eric Holdeman
Hot weather is coming soon.
$600 million in ransom payments in 2021.
One example for what is being done.
What’s going to happen next?
These loans have dried up.
At-home testing clouds the case count.
This one comes from the UN.
Another example of our non-resilience.
That means everyone who draws from it is in trouble.
You better have done your homework already.
Seeing should not always lead to believing.
Will it be a bad one?
Why are they being blown off?
Why it is a dominant factor in the war.
For those with more planning experience.
Research is hard; cheap research is just that — cheap and worthless.
Maybe most people are tuned out.
Getting ready for the big one in the Pacific Northwest.
Federal legislation may be starting to catch up to the threat.
Supporting the Human Resources Department
I found out a few new things from a webinar.
Pete Gaynor holds forth on the topic.
There are some changes from the past.
We were all so naive in our pandemic thinking.
A New Phase of Emergency Alerting webinar.
The pandemic may have confused some people.