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Disaster Zone

Disaster Zone Blog by Eric Holdeman
The answer is search and rescue.
No insurance and no flood insurance will sink many people.
The risks are increasing.
An important position given the risks to infrastructures.
This "conflict" will be with us for the foreseeable future.
It is a reflection of the damages and services available.
How to hook up and operate a generator safely.
This is for a 30-year period dating back to Hurricane Andrew.
Housing, both temporary and long-term.
Perhaps with deadly results.
The pandemic revealed that all is not well.
A helicopter tour of the coastline in one county.
People move to places oblivious to the disaster risks of that region or specific location.
Ah, how being in disaster changes one’s perspective.
Of course they have money, but they will have damages.
There is something for just about anyone.
People have a choice on where they live.
Disaster resilience starts with relationships and trust.
The clock is ticking on getting a temporary budget bill passed.
“Building resilience through sustainability.”
Can we build enough for the future?
There are still two more months to go.
There are many consultants working to support government agencies.
We have to turn the mitigation wheel faster.
They are available now.
A short list of actions being taken to respond.
Governments appear ready to do so.
Tis the season for hurricanes and tropical storms.
Puerto Rico is receiving the majority of the news coverage.
An untapped resource available to agencies.
Once again the frailty of infrastructure is exposed.