Disaster Zone

Disaster Zone Blog by Eric Holdeman
The latest Disaster Zone podcast is about measuring out public health preparedness.
The Disaster Zone podcast is included in this list.
Since ransomware is in the news with the oil pipeline.
Some guidelines to help you have a process.
Really, it is to be expected now and in the future.
This should have a high possibility of being passed.
There is a wide variety of reasons being given for not getting vaccinated against COVID-19.
Sustained leadership and funding will make a difference.
Everyone needs one!
This goes beyond drones to people transport.
This should be a great place to work.
Mass vaccination is about over — the next phase begins.
You cannot leave children out of the picture.
This goes beyond vehicles, helicopters and programs.
It is not as easy as one might think.
Reject others and others will reject you.
It is an issue for those wanting a vaccination.
Maybe we will see some progress made on infrastructure.
Every day there is something new.
Event planning needs to include crowd control.
GIS has many more tentacles.
What do you know about risk?
She is the first woman to head FEMA.
In the movies and in the real world!
From cake pops to computer chips and lumber — to root beer!
What software do you like? Answer: The one you know!
Sixty percent of Americans now believe that climate change is real.
When it happens where you live, it becomes important.
Why gun versus Taser mistakes are made.
Changes have been made.