Disaster Zone

Disaster Zone Blog by Eric Holdeman
Be sure and message to the public around this testing.
There’s not as much capability as you might think.
10 percent of coronavirus cases today, more tomorrow.
It is a long way from being over.
Now is the time to educate yourself on cybersecurity.
Low rain and high heat torch the Western states.
YOLO: You Only Live Once.
Can you spot “yattafuri” when you see it, or participate in it?
If you are still doing it on paper, you need to switch to an automated solution.
There are not enough Curtis Browns doing this work.
Some will jump for joy, others will bemoan its fate.
This position is with Seattle’s Office of Emergency Management.
Washington state has the second highest risk in the nation for earthquakes.
New resources from FEMA’s National Exercise Division.
Will the “2020” Olympics be held in Japan?
Going mobile and launching a public education campaign.
Mark Sheppard was every emergency manager’s dream amateur radio leader.
A few tidbits from an interview that he did.
Indications are that it could.
All emergency managers should be users.
What if we didn’t do one?
When you take the money — then they own you!
It doesn’t need to be a disaster to be a crisis.
FEMA has changes to how IA is administered.
People will give up a raise in pay to WFH.