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Disaster Zone

Disaster Zone Blog by Eric Holdeman
It is tropical and the place has hazards!
Follow the bouncing ball to track the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on mask wearing for the fully vaccinated.
We need more multi-pronged efforts at cybersecurity.
It took another month to meet the goal.
Hard science can’t dictate social science approaches.
Now we know why — it is very infectious.
Scientific social science research is available to us.
A nice one-year benchmark.
Not what every executive board wants.
What should we be doing now to plan for the next one?
Do you have the planner chops to “inspire?”
This is what is what is around the corner.
Twelve anti-vaxxers are responsible for almost two-thirds of anti-vaccine content.
So you want to be an emergency manager.
What makes us fail while trying to do our best?
And what does that mean?
Notes from a Seattle DMC meeting.
New cases being fed by the unvaccinated.
What the projections are for Europe — and us.
A new approach and new partners joining the response.
An example of how to communicate information.
The target audience is executives, public safety professionals, crisis managers, operations teams, and GIS professionals from all sectors
Codes, zoning, building materials and equity help.
A potential new technology to help detect attacks to the grid.
The summer of joy is over.
When the world is struggling to get their first vaccination.
But, they say the health of the athletes is the No. 1 priority.
It is the unvaccinated who are ending up in the hospital and dying.
This from the Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado Boulder.
Now I have an explanation for it not being 100 percent.