Go Public

SXSW 2018: What Mayors Want

Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson of Gary, Ind., and Mayor Darrell Steinberg of Sacramento spoke on a special SXSW preview episode of Governing's newest podcast, Go Public.

Go Public

Should Government Pay People to Make Good Decisions?

A health crisis in Alabama led officials to an unconventional solution: Hand out cash to change citizen behavior.

The 23%

Parkland's State Representative: Something Has to Happen

On the night of the mass shooting, Kristin Jacobs was in the room as parents received news about missing children. "If you were in that room," she says, "how could you let nothing happen?"

The Districts

Building a New Community for Special Districts

A recap of what we learned during our inaugural year and a sneak peek into the stories captured in the annual special districts publication.

Go Public

2 Strategies, 1 Goal: Helping Cities Solve Problems

NYCx and Urban-X have similar names but different models for coming up with better ways to deliver government services.

Illinois State Comptroller Susana Mendoza sitting at her desk.
The 23%

Other Lawmakers 'Would Say They Had Shoes Older Than Me'

Susana Mendoza was just 28 years old when she was first elected. Now she oversees how her former colleagues are spending their state's money.

The 23%

How a Local Alabama Official Works to Empower the Poor

“I grew up believing that’s what you do, that when a problem arises it’s your civic duty to step in and fashion a solution for your community."

The 23%

'When You Fire Up a Black Woman, She Doesn't Go to the Polls Alone'

Activist Glynda Carr discusses the growing political power of black women.

The Districts

Being the First One Off the Cliff

How the Costa Mesa Sanitary District uses tablets to bring efficiencies to the job.

Debbie Walsh speaking at an event.
The 23%

Will 2018 Really Be a Big Year for Women in Politics? An Expert Weighs In.

Debbie Walsh says the wave of women elected this year is a sign of bigger things to come.

The Districts

Staying on Mission and Innovating at the Edges at the Lower Colorado River Authority

One CAO offers his perspective in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and shares the impact it had on his district.

Living for the city

Podcast: As Cities Look At Options For Financing Infrastructure, They Keep An Eye Out For Low-Income Residents

Four cities -- Pittsburgh, St. Paul, the District of Columbia and San Francisco -- field-tested collaborative approaches to paying for things that cities need.

The 23%

The Women Leading the First Study of Diversity in State and Local Government

"Most local governments are run by white men, so there hasn’t needed to be a conversation about what diversity looks like."

Cheyenne, Wyo., Mayor Marian Orr and a goat
The 23%

First She Was 'The Facebook Lady.' Now She's the Mayor.

Marian Orr, the first female mayor of Cheyenne, Wyo., exemplifies the power of social media.

The Districts

Building on the Greatest Urban Innovation of the 20th Century to Create Next-Gen Citizen Experience

We like to flush and forget. But the infrastructure that takes all of that away is the legacy of sanitary sewer systems, the urban innovation that made cities possible.

Kanika Tomalin leading a press conference in the wake of Hurricane Irma.
The 23%

For This Politician, Poverty Is Personal

Kanika Tomalin's roots help her understand economic issues better than your average public official.

The Districts

Lighting Up Parks: Broadband and the Huron-Clinton Metroparks of Michigan

Looking to the future, the park system is adding Wi-Fi to meet anticipated connectivity demands.

Attica Scott
The 23%

Attica Scott Is Tired of Being the 'Angry Black Woman'

The first black woman elected to the Kentucky state House in almost 20 years says she gets the label sometimes for simply speaking her mind.

The Districts

The Districts Podcast: Getting to Know Capital Metro in Austin, Texas

Taking a brief look back at our recent on-the-ground events and getting to know Texas' Capital Metropolitan Authority.

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Syracuse: An Old City Leverages New Data to Invest in Infrastructure

Infrastructure Investments Matter More in Aging Cities