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Making Your Emergency Management Program Truly Mobile

Do have all your electronic resources customized to be fully accessible from mobile devices?

by Eric Holdeman / June 23, 2020

I got the news release below earlier today and it made me think about the issue of mobility of the information we have as emergency managers. I have to admit that I'm most comfortable accessing information when sitting in front of my computer -- 10 fingers on the keyboard. Then, I'm OK with using my iPad, but surfing the Web on my iPhone is my least favorite of all -- but then, I'm becoming a dinosaur.

Younger generations are totally comfortable in just using their mobile phones to access all information and interact with others. At work I'm always amazed at Steve Myers who is basically "paperless" and using his phone for everything.

With the above in mind, see the information below. You don't need to use this company, but you should be aiming to make everything digital and mobile friendly -- since that is where people are today. 

Emergency Management for the Digital Age

Taking Emergency Management to the next level

  • Allows Emergency Agencies to migrate their plans to a mobile app
  • Mobile tool for end uses to access vital local emergency information
  • Built-in emergency preparation guides

Clever Coding has recently launched their latest product and it could not have come at a better time. With the evolving coronavirus pandemic and natural disasters becoming more and more prevalent they are excited to introduce the Emergency Ready App. The Emergency Ready App is an all-inclusive emergency preparedness app. The app comes fully functional and serves as an incredible tool to assist people with preparing and dealing with almost any emergency, but that’s not even the best part, Emergency Management Agencies can migrate their local information and emergency contacts to the Emergency Ready App and provide their citizens with the vital information they need for the exact area they live. After receiving the local information and logo designs from the agencies the team at Clever Coding can build their custom emergency management app and have it ready for download on the App Store in a matter of days.

Research has proven that most emergency management agencies and employers do an incredible job with documenting and listing their local emergency plans and local contacts but nearly all of the vital information they so painstakingly prepared is located on traditional websites. Many times the information is spread across multiple websites making navigating to a desired destination difficult for users. Not exactly convenient during an emergency event, right?

With over 72% of Americans utilizing their smartphones over computers to access information its only logical to have a mobile application that will allow users to get their customized emergency information on their smartphones. Sure, people can access websites with their smartphones, but the formatting is not always optimal, making it less convenient to access. Clever Coding believes they have solved these issues with the Emergency Ready App. They are proud to be able to assist with this great cause and love working with the men and women that prepare, protect and serve. For more information about Clever Coding and the Emergency Ready App visit

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