New Disaster Preparedness Campaign Idea

Something to add to what you present during National Preparedness Month.

by Eric Holdeman / September 11, 2019

On this day that we remember the terrorist attacks of 2001, we also know that the clear majority of the United States residents are not prepared for disasters. In the Pacific Northwest, the states of Oregon and Washington the "official message" is to become prepared for two weeks (earthquakes are not localized events). For the rest of the nation, the message is three days or 72 hours. Personally, I think most emergency managers are not prepared for three days.

In our preparedness materials, we typically push all the disaster supplies to be stored and rotated, starting with one gallon of water per person. Forget the supplies for now. I think for the economic welfare of our citizens we should be strongly advocating for property insurance. Starting with fire insurance, which is required if you have a mortgage, but then also the special hazard insurance. First for flooding and then also for earthquakes. 

It is the loss of a home or business that will devastate a family for years to come. When someone loses a home that did not have insurance to protect its owners — the average family is doomed. I've heard all the objections to special hazard insurance: cost, infrequent disasters, etc. Hey, death only comes once in a lifetime, yet people seem to have that insurance!

I have to admit I'm an insurance junkie. Of all our financial decision points for the Holdeman family, insurance has always had a lead position. Call it a peace of mind measure and then there is "leading by example!" lastly, I recommend sewer backup insurance. It is really cheap and not something covered by your normal home policy. If you need it — you will like having it!

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