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Small Gatherings of People You Know Are No Protection from COVID-19

The people you know, family members and other relatives can transmit the coronavirus.

by Eric Holdeman / October 13, 2020

There are now many thousands of people who understand the risks of large crowds grouped together, sometimes not masked, and they therefore would never consider attending an event or being in a place that had those behaviors.

The problem I see coming is that the holidays are right around the corner. We've had the discussion at the Holdeman's with some "younger family members" asking, "How can we do this safely, i.e. get together at Thanksgiving and Christmas." 

Getting COVID-19 tests, wearing masks when not eating, and social distancing to the best of your ability while inside a home. Those all seem reasonable, and yet...for people with an underlying condition, likely not allowed. Certainly at the door there should be a sign saying, "No Hug Zone!"

The truth is you can get just as sick from someone you know as you can from someone you have never met. You need to do your own personal risk calculations. There have been plenty of funerals, weddings and anniversaries that turned into super spreader events. 

The Holdeman's will be isolating at home for the holidays. Bummer! We won't be needing that 20 pound turkey this year. 

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