Disaster Zone

BlueDot Strategies

It is a public relations firm, with staff who "are former Federal Government insiders with international communications experience."

by Eric Holdeman / December 27, 2018

I blogged on BlueDot Strategies several years ago, when Craig Fugate joined the firm. Back then I thought they were going to be another IEM, Hagerty or Tetra Tech consulting firm that focused on emergency management and disasters. Their website was less specific at that point and my "assumption" was not a good one — being based on the initial team members establishing and joining the firm.

Now I see that they are much more of a general public relations firm that may dabble in emergency management issues. I found the quote I borrowed from their staffing link interesting in that they are playing off their "insider experience" when much is written and said about the revolving door of federal service and consultants going into and out of government. The same could be said about many of the congressmen and congresswomen who were beaten in the 2018 election, and I read where many will end up on "K Street" known as the location for D.C. lobbying firms.

I can't blame them, since that is how "the game is currently played" in D.C.

With Fugate on their team, there is a connection to emergency management. See his USA Today op-ed on the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) National Flood Insurance Program is a deluge of damaging policy. Congress must rebuild it. He co-wrote it with David Paulison, his FEMA administrator predecessor in the Bush administration. 

On that happy note of cooperation, let me just note that failing programs are not being fixed in today's political environment. My best personal hope is that I'm dead before the financial house of cards that we have built in this nation completely falls apart. National debt is no longer viewed as an issue, even by the Republican conservatives who railed against Obama-era spending. Another example of how "exceptional" a nation we are! Fiscal policy being connected to the physical world is not a given.