Disaster Zone

Verizon to Build Alternative to FirstNet and AT&T Solution

I have been expecting something like this for some time.

by Eric Holdeman / August 22, 2017

My only surprise about this announcement, Verizon to Build Public Safety Communications Network to Rival FirstNet, AT&T, is that it has taken them this long to make it. 

Verizon did not compete for the FirstNet vendor contract. Verizon "generally" has much better wireless coverage outside of metro areas (Note: I'm an AT&T user personally — and have been happy enough). Thus, many first responder agencies now use Verizon as their carrier. Since it is the individual agencies who must make the choice between wireless services, the fact that governors have "signed on" for FirstNet is a bit of a moot point — I think.

There will be open competitive wireless warfare commencing soon. How Verizon handles the Band 14 spectrum will be interesting to understand — me not being a techie. What about interoperability across the two networks?  

Expect a call from your sales representative in the near future pitching their solution for you and your organization. Let the price wars begin!