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Karen Wilkinson

Karen is a former staff writer for Government Technology magazine.

Citing infrastructure costs as obstacle, Social Bicycle System founder taps wireless technologies to fuel communications.
Citizens want better website search functionality and social media prioritized by government agencies.
Just like TV and print ads, Internet-based campaigning should be held to same disclosure requirements, watchdog says.
Baggage screening system commonly used by hotel and resort travelers to be remodeled, get new equipment with $23 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds.
First of its kind in nation, vehicles can charge in 20 to 30 minutes in a local parking garage.
From lifeguards to police chiefs, State Controller's Office expands reporting requirements, wages to be posted online this November.
Patrol officers can file reports from the field via remote desktop; city replaces desktop PCs with cube-shaped devices.
As election primary looms, Maryland "is leading the way for the rest of the country," Facebook says.
Top iPhone apps for the IT-minded.
East Coast emergency, transportation responders get 'big picture view' of weather, traffic information.
Cell phone lobby group seeks to stop San Francisco from posting radiation levels, says law misleads public. Attorney's Office says right-to-know law informs consumers.
Cities vie to test Google's ultra-high-speed broadband.
Lessons From the California CIO Academy.
Citizen Request Tracker iPhone app means less waiting, more interaction with government.
City officials hope will help propagate innovative ideas, save city staff time for those who field inquiries.
California Office of the Chief Information Officer issues policy letter on the appropriate use of social media tools like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other popular Web sites.
The Department of Defense's new policy for using social media comes as states and the Obama administration tackle the same issue.
Tampa-based county creates Facebook, Twitter pages and blog in hopes of better engaging public in budget cutting process.
Cash-strapped Miami IT department creates online app using Microsoft Azure platform.
200,000-plus new claims expected to be filed as VA recognizes more herbicide exposure illnesses.
Sweeping plan would overhaul U.S. broadband and make it the nation's primary communications network.
High-definition cameras attached to communications towers are being used to spot and assess wildfires in California.
A panel of government chief information security officers at the Managing Technology conference talk about the risks of cloud computing and the need for background checks.
Spotting tax delinquents can add up to millions of dollars in savings.
Social networking, research and job hunting among top-ranked uses, according to University of Washington study.
The Virginia Information Technologies Agency adds 14 broadband service providers to menu offered to state and local agencies.
Transportation agency launches online forum to solicit public feedback, discussion.
Developers create citability, transparency tools to meet open governance directive.
Scott County becomes the first public-sector user of Amazon EC2 for disaster recovery.
City partners with educational institutions in applying for federal stimulus funds to install 220 cameras.