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Third-party provider Geographic Solutions reportedly offlined systems after an attempted malware attack. Some states report that unemployment claims and/or job search sites are currently unavailable.
While a handful of higher ed institutions are now accepting cryptocurrencies for tuition payments, the trend has yet to take off at most universities for reasons such as environmental impacts and market volatility.
At the annual International Society for Technology in Education conference in New Orleans this week, a panel advised school administration and vendors on how to work together on data privacy agreements.
Miguel Gamiño Jr. has been named chief experience officer and founding partner at Silicon Valley-based Simplicity Technology Inc. The company offers a platform aimed at better connecting government with its constituents.
Elected and other officials gathered in Birmingham, Ala., to announce a new U.S. Department of Transportation pilot program aimed at addressing past infrastructure projects that have harmed and divided communities.
Logansport Utilities, the city's local energy provider, announced Wednesday that the company will be installing no-cost electric vehicle charging stations around the city to promote sustainability.
Public meetings have changed since the pandemic, with some agencies going back to in-person participation while others opt for hybrid situations. The new technology is designed to meet those needs and provide more automation.
California State University's annual five-day workshop trained more than 70 students, professors and industry professionals in safety, data management and real-life applications of the technology.
Police in Lima, Ohio, are looking to custom-built technology to address a staffing shortage. The mobile device has cameras, sound detection, facial recognition software and license plate recognition capabilities.
Initial reports of the exposure of personal information about concealed handguns permits was more expansive than initially thought. California Department of Justice officials now say several other data sets were exposed.
A Pennsylvania district's technology committee has recommended requiring families to pay an annual fee of $15-$20 per student, depending on how many students they have, to cover network service, technology and repairs.
An incubator space in Emporia, Kans., will host classes and activities for kindergarten through sixth grade, collaborating with local districts to build programs in robotics, engineering, web design and other subjects.
Illinois law enforcement leaders fighting a surge in gun violence have launched a searchable database they say will allow departments to quickly access information on how illegal firearms are moving around the state.
In a recent quarterly briefing, representatives of the Cobb County Sheriff's Office touted a series of new technology purchases they said are aimed at improving safety for deputies and inmates.
Automation at the Long Beach Container Terminal and the Port of Los Angeles’ TraPac terminal has eliminated 535,848 hours and $41.8 million in wages annually for dockworkers, according to a new study.
Galluzi has been the head of the state's enterprise systems for just over a year. Nevada's previous CIO stepped down in November, citing the changing responsibilities of the office and limited resources.
Google Public Sector, a new subsidiary, will focus on governments that want to build better digital tools and processes and replace legacy systems. Amazon and Google increasingly are vying for public-sector clients.
Bellingham and Whatcom County libraries are responding to a potential malware incident that crippled digital services. County officials report that patron data does not appear to have been compromised in the attack.
Highly detailed data around cycling and pedestrian activity has not always been easy to come by. Public officials and micromobility advocates stress the need for better data to make the case for more and better infrastructure.
All Californians with a permit to carry a concealed handgun had their personal information exposed online after a breach of the California Department of Justice’s 2022 Firearms Dashboard Portal.