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Dissatisfaction Is Still Not Enough to Overcome Inertia

What are you unhappy with, but unwilling to change?

by Eric Holdeman / September 16, 2020

I got this text in an email and thought it runs so true, "The sad thing is that dissatisfaction is still not enough to overcome the inertia. We have seem time over time with COVID alone that dysfunction doesn’t drive change. We had one local health agency put into their AAR [after action report] that they were proud of the fact that they recognized they couldn’t run the incident so they turned it over. I would understand if they at least created a future action to build the capability."

Yikes! Settling has never been in my bones. Where is the need for constant improvement on the Toyota model of engaging everyone in the process to make a better product? 

The comment above was in reaction to my earlier blog post about WebEOC an information management software. I'm still collecting survey input, but it appears that over 40 percent of the users are very dissatisfied or somewhat dissatisfied with the software. Yet, they own it — but, might not even use it!

If something is broken, fix it!

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