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Emergency Management Podcasts

The current frontier in messaging.

by Eric Holdeman / May 21, 2020

Social media was the last big push on messaging within the confines of emergency management. Some people and agencies have gone "whole hog" on social media and others let the public information officers and communications staff take control of that portion of their program. To not be using social media extensively at his point in time is a bit Neanderthal in my opinion. 

Then we see New York City's Office of Emergency Management well down the road of another tool, podcasting. I noted their 50th such podcast, MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLNESS DURING A PANDEMIC.

This then is the next mountain I personally have to climb. It is something I've wanted to do for many months. However, with no agency IT support to draw upon, it is just little (well not so little anymore) old (old is appropriate) me to staff the function, I need to hire/contract for support to get me operational. 

I've taken the most important first step in hiring ChangeUp Advisors to help me in getting up and rolling. I expect it will be several months before I'm totally operational on podcasts, but you can expect to see some being shared here in this blog in the future.

Let's see, what should I call the podcast? How about, Disaster Zone!

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