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Iran and Cybersecurity Here in the USA

Perhaps it is only mutually assured disruption that will save us.

by Eric Holdeman / January 4, 2020

The very recent killing of an Iranian general continues to be in the news. Today there was this, Crowds gather in Iran to mourn military leader killed by US airstrike. What and where Iran will mete out retribution in retaliation remains to be seen. 

The questions are: What will they do? How will they do it? Where will they strike? 

Cyberattacks are clearly within their means and they have already been known for their capabilities and previous incursions into the critical infrastructure of the United States. It is also a useful tool for striking our homeland. From a mere ability to cause significant losses, a cyberattack on the continental USA would seem reasonable. It would also be an embarrassment to President Trump and his administration. 

Now, will that do it? Perhaps not. They have a plethora of other means with which to strike military forces scattered around the globe. I would think that a very public and significant military strike would be the preferred tit for tat. Killing a senior American general would appear to be the type of attack that would seem fitting. However, Iran is also known for its asymmetrical approach to terrorism and warfare. Which brings me back to a cyberattack on United States interests — which is therefore not out of the question.

Iran is known for being patient, so don't let your guard down. It might be months before they decide on a single or multi-pronged attack. 

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