Job: FIT Team Staffing Up in Montana

Your opportunity to get experience in Montana!

by Eric Holdeman / February 8, 2019

You may have heard of the new FEMA teams being co-located with state emergency management agencies. These federal employees will work to support their state agencies augmenting with much-needed staff. See the Montana opportunity described below and the link for applying:

"Over the past several months we have been talking about FEMA Integration Teams (FIT). The FIT is made up of four FEMA employees that are assigned to each state. They are able to work on projects determined by state agencies that will lead to increased capability to address disasters. FIT members will be hired by FEMA and then assigned to work at Fort Harrison, near Helena, Montana. The project is anticipated to last 18-24 moths. The first of these four positions is currently being advertised. The vacancy announcement will close on Wednesday, February 13th. Note this is a very short, 5-day window."

FEMA Management Specialist (Preparedness)

You say you need experience to get hired. Well, go get your experience in Montana. Maybe you will stay for a lifetime!