Regional Catastrophic Planning Grants Are Back

No equipment, just planning.

by Eric Holdeman / March 3, 2019

The entire series of Homeland Security grants, SHSP, UASI, PSGP, etc. have been a boon to people and organizations that have wanted to purchase equipment. Lots and lots of toys for boys have been added to the inventory list. My one question is why do five organizations need "regional command vehicles?" The justification is for regional use, but then all the bigger organizations have purchased them.

The good news is that in the latest Department of Homeland Security (DHS) budget, Regional Catastrophic Planning Grants are back on the table. Verbally, I've heard that it is $10M nationally and those funds will likely go to 10 urban areas, similar to the previous grant program by the same name (perhaps the name has changed?).

The best part of these grants is that they are for "regional planning" and you can't use them to buy stuff. Thus, it forces organizations and regions to buckle down and look at what their planning needs are. 

We'll get more details when DHS gets around to issuing their grant guidance in what I expect to be the short term. Typically, grant proposals have to be submitted by the end of June, so the clock is ticking.