The Cold War 2.0 and 5G

Communications are key to our discipline — learn more about cyber-risks to us.

by Eric Holdeman / February 19, 2019

We are starting to see 5G being included in ads that are targeted toward consumers. Communities that have 5G will be big winners and those who don't will fall behind. But with every technological advancement there are also risks — like in the case of 5G, where is that equipment being made?

Listen to this podcast, Could Chinese Telecom Giant Huawei Put U.S. Cyber-Security At Risk?

The podcast has a wide ranging discussion about the United States withdrawal from Africa and South America and other global regions of the world. This has left a vacuum for China to fill. And they are filling it! 

It was also noted that Russian submarines have mapped all the trans-ocean fiber cables that exist and they have the capability to cut them, whenever it becomes a global priority for them. Russia is identified as primarily a "disrupter" when it comes to cybertechnology and China is a much more powerful adversary — with their economy linked to that of the West.

My main message is to "bone up" on cyber because the issue is not going away. We may professionally only be dealing with the response to the events, but we also need to understand the hazard and what prevention measures can be taken by our own organizations and those of our broader regional community. 

The job of being an emergency manager is not getting easier!


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