We're Not Ready — in California or Anywhere

Earthquake insurance or any other aspect of "The Big One"

by Eric Holdeman / July 16, 2019

Admittedly, there are few and far between organizations that are ready for large or even catastrophic earthquakes. Eventually we'll have one on the West Coast. It could be in California or elsewhere. Either way, the devastation will go way beyond anything we have seen in the last 100 years of natural disasters in the United States. It will be a many-hundred billion dollar event — if it is big enough.

See this insurance company's assessment, Recent California Earthquakes Show U.S. Unprepared for "The Big One."

Until it happens, we can continue blissfully on our current course of action. Ignoring the risks. Building where and when we want. Making as much money as possible, and don't think anything will happen on our watch while not caring about future generations who will live with OUR "as-built environment." 

Perhaps some of the decision-makers' grandchildren will die because of the choices they are making today. But, you know, grandma and grandpa cashed in while they were alive!

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