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Pennsylvanians Become Better Prepared for Emergencies

Rendell administration announces new resource guide

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Pennsylvania Gov. Edward G. Rendell announced the distribution of a new brochure to help Pennsylvanians become better informed and prepared for a natural disaster, large-scale emergency or unexpected attack. The Pennsylvania Department of Health distributed more than 3 million copies of the new guide in home-delivered newspapers statewide in July.

The 12-page guide provides readers with information on the different types of emergencies that may affect Pennsylvanians and their communities, how people will be notified of an event and what plans are in place to deal with these events. It explains how to create an emergency plan, how to prepare an emergency kit and what to do after an emergency occurs.

In addition, the guide has helpful tips on emergency preparedness for special populations, including the elderly, people with disabilities, children, pets and livestock, as well as a listing of the county health departments and all of the county emergency management agencies throughout Pennsylvania, and toll-free telephone numbers to call for more information.

In addition to being distributed in more than 3 million home-delivered newspapers, copies of the guide can be obtained from local health departments, emergency management agencies or regional emergency medical systems councils.

Miriam Jones is a former chief copy editor of Government Technology, Governing, Public CIO and Emergency Management magazines.
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