Image: Second Life, a Web 2.0 virtual universe in which a number of government agencies have a presence.

MeriTalk today announced the "Generation Y's Bill of Rights" report which provides insight on how Generation Y gets information and makes recommendations for reaching and engaging this critical constituency. The report not only underscores the substantial differences in how Ys and baby boomers learn about and participate in government and politics, but also shows that Ys in various geographies have different information channel preferences.

Based on a survey of more than 2,200 Generation Y and baby boomer respondents in America's top 10 cities, the report shows that 73 percent of Ys plan to vote in the November presidential election -- that's 42.2 million votes. Interestingly, while just 48 percent of Ys report a Democratic affiliation, 71 percent believe a Democratic candidate is best suited to lead the next administration.

Despite their Democratic leanings, only 15 percent of Ys feel a personal connection to their government, and 75 percent said they would vote for a candidate across party lines. Once engaged, Ys will actively advocate their support -- 47 percent said they will tell others about the virtues of their candidate.

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