As Congress cobbles together the 2007-2008 federal budget, the slice of the pie for public housing authorities looks yet again smaller than the year before.

If the budget passes as is, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, housing authorities' main funding source, will get approximately 83 percent of last year's allocation. However, last year's allocation represented just 85 percent of what was needed then -- meaning the cuts deepen with each year.   

With dwindling federal funding, the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA), the fourth largest public housing authority nationwide, used customer relationship management (CRM) software to maintain and improve service to its low-income residents.


Last Resort
The CRM application, deployed in October 2006, helps the housing agency keep up with demand, despite budget-induced work force losses. Even with the decreasing headcount, workers can better handle incoming calls, accurately track client data and monitor maintenance requests. 

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Jessica Weidling  |  Staff Writer