Online Forum: New York City's 311 System

Service requests can be tracked online.

by / September 11, 2008

Paul J. Cosgrave, commissioner of the New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, participated yesterday in an online forum hosted by The New York Times. The subject was the city's 311 system which handles complaints and information requests from residents.

Cosgrove pointed out that one caller asked for the FCC when the agency that handled that particular service was the city's Department of Sanitation. Cosgrove said that often the public doesn't know what level or part of government handles what service -- which is what the 311 system was made for.

Cosgrove said that since January, service requests can be tracked online and the city has plans to expand 311 so service requests can be initiated online as well.


Wayne Hanson Senior Executive Editor, Center For Digital Government