Disaster Zone

Future Technology for Emergency Management

It looks futuristic, but it really isn't. All the technology exists today.

by Eric Holdeman / January 30, 2013

Back in my youth someone might call something that was futuristic Buck Rogers like.  Today there isn't much technology that we don't believe can be coming down the road in the not too distant future.


Check out this YouTube demonstration that shows the types of things that can be done today--if you have enough money.  OK, that is an issue.  But, we are talking about self-driving cars being on the road in less than ten years.  Like the VCR or DVD player that once cost $750 and now runs you $35.00 the prices will come down eventually.


What they show in the video including touch screens, the transferring of data from device to device and a heads-up display on the windshield of the pickup truck are all available now.  Note the emphasis on maps and spatially playing with the data and showing what different scenarios might cause.


The touchscreen table that is demonstrated has been around for at least eight years.  Back about seven years ago I paid $1,200.00 to have a demonstration model shipped into the King County Emergency Coordination Center (ECC) for a pandemic flu exercise.  That particular model was running around $75K at the time.  


The digital kids growing up today will use this equipment like they were born with it in their hands!