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Public Safety

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A newly formed team within North Dakota Information Technology is taking an in-depth look at emergency communications across the state with a focus on interoperability, security and resilience.
Government agencies are working to conform to a changing social media landscape these days, with Twitter’s rebranding to X — among other things — presenting challenges.
Inspired by mass shootings at schools, the "Lightguard" temporarily impairs the vision of shooters and other assailants, giving people time to negate threats and seek safety until law enforcement intervenes.
North Carolina's third largest school district is installing new video cameras, upgrading existing ones in schools and buses, and expanding the use of high-speed body scanners from high schools to middle schools.
Residents and businesses often call 911 to report cyber crimes, yet officers in smaller jurisdictions aren’t always prepared to identify cyber incidents, collect digital evidence or identify the relevant laws involved.
The organizers of a new program that keeps two St. Louis, Mo., recreation centers open late on weekend nights to keep kids off the streets say they plan to boost social media outreach after low turnout. 
The City Council approved the Coastal Storm Risk Management Project, a large-scale series of flood mitigation projects over the next 10 years — at a cost of more than $2 billion.
The Peabody-based North Shore Radio Association (NSRA) took part in the annual Amateur Radio Field Day, a 24-hour event held by the American Radio Relay League.
The crux of the issue is how to respond to growing youth gun violence in Denver and whether having police on campus would have prevented two high-profile shootings at East, the city’s largest high school, earlier this year.
The ALERTCalifornia network has the capability to funnel data to researchers studying the multiple environmental causes of wildfires, while also granting the public and first responders real-time visual access to detect threats.
"When that smoke does mix down back closer to the surface, like we’re seeing today, the pollutants and particulate matter in the smoke coming down close to the surface will degrade the air quality."
Seven escapees, ages 15 to 17, allegedly attacked a staff member and stole her keys, then took off in the stolen car. Three were apprehended in Burien, and the remaining four were taken into custody in Clark County, Wash., last week.
Because the town was not officially in a flood zone, few had flood insurance. Because the town was poor, even fewer had the capital to rebuild. And because so many were undocumented, few were eligible for much money from FEMA.

FEMA allotted St. Clair County more than $50 million to help it respond to and recover from COVID. The money came from the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds program authorized by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.
FEMA provided millions in relief for emergency rent, home repairs, hotel stays and other disaster-caused expenses, said Alberto Pillot, a spokesperson for the federal disaster-relief agency.