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The Most Endangered Jobs

No, emergency manager is not on the list — yet.

by Eric Holdeman / January 4, 2017

If you are looking for how fast things are changing employment-wise, one only needs to look at how automation has impacted many industries already.

Then there was this story that caught my eye, The Most Endangered Jobs of 2016.

Actually I don't like their list all that much. In my mind it is a bit off the mark. I did not see any transportation jobs listed, like taxi cab driver or truck driver. But, there were others that hit the mark. I'm surprised to see "meter reader" still on the list. I remember a family friend, Ronnie, who was a gas meter reader for his entire career. Locally where I live, those jobs are all gone with smart readers reporting gas, electric and water meter readings.

Following the recent presidential election, I've heard numerous references to job losses in the United States and how automation is the prime reason, not international trade. But, it is the perception that counts — not the facts!