New York's Gunshot Location System Aids in Public Safety

Reducing gunfire rates by 60 to 80 percent and violent crime by 35 percent.

by / June 25, 2008 0

ShotSpotter, the world leader in gunshot location systems (GLS) for public safety and the military, announced the thirtieth public safety installation of its flagship product, the ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System, in Nassau County, New York. This deployment brings the total area protected by ShotSpotter GLS systems to approximately 100 square miles and showcases public safety's increasing reliance on violent crime reduction tools. Approximately 680,000 residents currently live in an area protected by a ShotSpotter GLS. Each night these systems detect in aggregate between 80 and 150 gunfire incidents nationwide.

Now a mainstay for public safety organizations nationwide, the ShotSpotter GLS accurately detects, pinpoints and alerts police responders to the location of gunfire. In cities where it is deployed, the information provided by the ShotSpotter GLS has been credited with reducing gunfire rates by nearly 60 to 80 percent and violent crime by 35 percent.

"The goal of the ShotSpotter GLS has been to accurately identify the amount of gunfire in San Francisco," said Lieutenant Mikail Ali, a senior adviser in the San Francisco Police Department Criminal Justice Office. "As of May 2008, ShotSpotter sensors have detected and reported 221 percent more gunfire incidents than reported by citizens." According to Lt. Ali, the average time to be notified by ShotSpotter is two minutes and fifteen seconds faster than the time it takes citizens to report to police. "This clearly demonstrates ShotSpotter's capability to more rapidly and accurately identify a higher percentage of gunfire."