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What historic city is charging tourists a fee to enter?

Answer: Venice.

Someone holding up a smartphone with a QR code on the screen.
You’ll need to pay for a QR code, or ticket if you don’t have a smartphone, to enter Venice, Italy, on certain days. The historic city, which can get as many tourists as it has residents, has become the first to charge a fee for tourists to enter on its busiest days.

The fee is about $5.37 and only applies on the 29 days between April 25 and July 14 when Venice typically sees the most visitors. You’ll be required to make a reservation for the day and receive a QR code on your smartphone to prove that you’ve paid the fee. Those without smartphones will receive a ticket instead.

The fee does not apply to anyone staying in a hotel or other overnight accommodations. It also does not apply to residents or their relatives, visitors who were born in the city, workers, students or visitors under the age of 14. There is currently no limit to the number of people who can make a reservation.