RFID Europe 2008 Features Transportation, Healthcare and Booksellers

Radio frequency identification conference to highlight advances in real-time location systems.

by / July 30, 2008

The program for the upcoming RFID Europe 2008 will feature many opinion leaders from across the world, says Dr. Peter Harrop, chairman of the board of directors of IDTEchEx's, the company that is organizing the event. The conference is a two day event 30 September and 1 October, 2008 in the United Kingdom.

The speakers will share their experiences of how RFID has been used by transportation officials, booksellers and in hospitals.

Brian Dobson of Transport for London (TfL) will be giving a status report of the London Oyster card experience, the largest RFID card implementation for transportation in the western world, according to Harrop.

"I will announce plans to move to the next generation of RFID technology for travel purposes," Dobson said. In addition "We are looking forward to hearing from many other industries on how they are successfully deploying RFID technology and hearing about the latest advances in it," he said.

Other speakers will describe how a problem of authorized access and stock control with hospital textiles has been solved using ISO15693 HF RFID and while Harrop will discuss the use of RFID in apparel generally, as this is one of the newly vibrant sectors of the market.

Ciaran Connell of DecaWave in the Republic of Ireland is one of the many suppliers making first announcements. He is working on active RFID at 2.4 GHz. Connell is expected to announce a new development in real-time location systems (RTLS) that could even mean that RTLS becomes affordable for personnel and assets in small and medium enterprises.

The UK's National Health Service will be presenting with Jason Britton, Clinical Scientist at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Scotland planning to announce "the creation of a virtual equipment library using a modern open standards portable medical device tracking system".

Three companies will announce breakthroughs in ultra-high frequency RFID at the conference and Selexyz, the world's largest user of RFID in bookshops is expected to make a presentation.

In addition, eight others will deal with new technologies and the investment summit alone has speakers from eight countries.

One new feature of the conference this year is planned visits to local centers of excellence.