Texans should be aware that telephone calls purporting to originate from the Orange Savings Bank may actually be from identity thieves attempting to steal from bank customers.

Bank customers in the 409 area code have reported receiving automated telephone calls informing them that their account or credit card with Orange Savings Bank has been compromised. The Vidor and Orange-based bank's customers are asked to call a number and provide their account information. Orange Savings Bank customers should not call the number. The individuals responsible for the call are attempting to obtain customers' personal identifying information and bank account numbers.

To be clear, Texans must not respond to an unsolicited e-mail or telephone calls seeking sensitive personal or financial information. Legitimate banks do not call or e-mail customers seeking this information. Texans should delete the e-mail or hang up the phone.

Orange Savings Bank customers who receive these unsolicited calls should report them to Phonebusters at (888) 495-8501, or the U.S. Secret Service Houston Field Office at (713) 868-2299.