NASCIO is pleased to announce the release of its latest Research Brief entitled "Keeping Citizen Trust: What Can a State CIO Do to Protect Privacy?" From the NASCIO Security and Privacy Committee, this Research Brief examines how privacy in the state government context has evolved as a defining issue in response to rapidly changing technological advances and the complexities of a fast-paced world.

"Privacy is a particularly daunting challenge for state governments, because citizens have an expectation of openness and transparency. Yet, at the same time, states must foster citizens' trust by ensuring that their private information remains that way," said Brenda Decker, CIO, Nebraska, and NASCIO Security and Privacy Committee Co-Chair. "This brief starts us down the path of understanding how technology has changed the nature of privacy issues and how they can be effectively addressed."

The brief also explores some initial areas in which a state CIO may encounter privacy issues, including in the context of IT governance, enterprise architecture, policy, security and business processes, and offers some potential ways of addressing those issues.

"We feel that this brief will be of assistance to state CIOs as they encounter privacy issues in many different contexts-from the implementation of new IT systems to the implementation of new laws with technology components. We then provide them with a wide-range of considerations for understanding how they can effectively manage and implement privacy protections and, ultimately, play a part in keeping the citizen trust," said Mary Carroll, CIO, Ohio, and NASCIO Security and Privacy Committee Co-Chair.