New Type of Social Networking Provides a Safe, Creative Place for Teens

FreshBrain helps students use technology tools to find their passions and prepare them for future jobs.

by / July 1, 2008

FreshBrain today announced a social networking site for students age 13 to 18 who want to unleash their best ideas with the assistance of the latest technology tools. The Web site gives teens the opportunity to work with friends, other students and advisors to build technology-based activities that are interesting and meaningful to them in a productive and safe environment.

"FreshBrain is social networking gone good," said Dale Ferrario, president of FreshBrain. "We wanted to create a place where teenagers can explore ways to apply their technology skills to the things that interest them most while also helping them prepare for tomorrow's workforce, where they will be required to combine technical literacy with creative thinking."

The FreshBrain site offers communities based on interests, such as music, videos, gaming, sports, Web development, graphic design or green programs. Users can either build a concept from scratch, or join an activity in progress and collaborate with other friends or other community members. Advisors are also available to help guide the groups, answer questions or advance their technology skills. Teachers and educators can also use the FreshBrain site to enhance their core curriculum. According to FreshBrain's research, 50 percent of the technology freshmen learn will be outdated by the time they are juniors. Keeping up with rapidly advancing technology tools is often too expensive for schools. FreshBrain lets teachers incorporate the latest technology tools into the learning syllabus without having to raise budgets or alter the curriculum. Schools can also improve their technology scorecard by using FreshBrain to enliven the stem and core subjects with exciting and innovative technology-oriented projects while still meeting government standards and requirements. Teachers can also use FreshBrain's protected social networking environment to share and exchange ideas, activities and class projects with other teachers and educators

To kick off the summer, FreshBrain is launching over 30 summer contests called the Summer Splash series. The contests will set up a challenge for students to use their unique talents and creative skills to solve a specific problem. A variety of prizes totaling $10,000 will be available for the winners of these contest.