Plasmon Supplies Drives and Media for HP StorageWorks Optical Libraries

Plasmon Supplies Drives and Media for HP StorageWorks Optical Libraries

by / April 5, 2004
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- March 25, 2004 -- Plasmon has announced today an agreement with HP to deploy Plasmon UDO (Ultra Density Optical) drives and media in HP StorageWorks optical libraries.

"The integration of Plasmon UDO drives and media into HP's line of optical libraries offers customers the best solution for long-term, permanent archival storage," said Nigel Street, chief executive of Plasmon. "UDO is extremely cost-competitive compared to magnetic disk and DVD library solutions with much greater reliability."

"HP StorageWorks optical jukeboxes are a key component of HP's overall Information Lifecycle Management strategy to enable customers to resolve issues of data retention, compliance, and information archiving, retrieval and utilization," said Bob Wilson, vice president and general manager of Nearline Storage at HP.

"Incorporating UDO into HP jukeboxes not only allows us to continue to provide our customers with secure, accessible, long-term storage at an extremely attractive price, but strengthens HP's overall storage portfolio to offer customers the most effective and complete solutions for their storage and information lifecycle requirements."

According to Peter Gerr, an analyst with Enterprise Storage Group, UDO delivers higher performance and greater cost efficiencies to users who rely on optical storage for their long-term data archiving. "With regulatory compliance mandates requiring IT organizations to retain financial, medical and other valuable records in their original form for longer periods of time, UDO provides users a compelling choice for long-term archival storage," he added.

UDO uses blue laser recording rather than the red lasers used in previous optical drives such as magneto optical and DVD. Blue lasers achieve far greater data densities, resulting in dramatically higher media capacities.

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Blake Harris Contributing Editor