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The state of New Jersey approved barriers and decking removal but said no to the new bulkhead and regrading of dunes because there was no immediate threat of "loss of life or property."
"The state of Texas is working closely with local emergency management officials to ensure our communities have access to critical resources ahead of severe weather threats," Gov. Greg Abbott said.
During an emergency like an earthquake, first responders will not be able to respond to resident calls. This free app can help by guiding the resident on how to find and turn off utilities when no one else is available to help.
Police, firefighters and emergency technicians often reference those maps when responding to school emergencies. But law enforcement and school safety experts say the maps are frequently inaccurate and out-of-date.

You often hear about the wind and see the video of the wind-blown news reporter in a hurricane, but the real danger to people is caused by rainfall and accompanying flooding that has nowhere to go in built-up communities.
For participating public-safety personnel, this simulated exercise offered the type of hands-on training that can only be surpassed by an actual disaster.
Final tallies aren’t in yet, but it’s clear Ian brought historic levels of storm surge from Key West to Naples to Fort Myers, Fla., with some spots seeing at least seven feet of water above dry land.
The people in this room do not control the weather. They could not stop climate change on their own. But with the right tools and better observations, they might warn more people sooner?
The report from the firm Mission Critical Partners lays out a plethora of issues facing 911 call centers, including personnel issues, cyber attacks and the difficult transition from legacy technology to NG 911.
“The coroner’s office serves in an indispensable role in our county and it is vitally important that we ensure that they have all of the tools necessary to carry out their essential mission.”
After a 90-day pause on the U.S. Forest Service's prescribed burn program following two fires that got out of control in New Mexico, but some worry new restrictions put in place will do more harm than good.
As California wildfires grow more intense and frequent, many children who live through them experience lasting psychological trauma such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Children may also develop sleep problems, or struggle in school.
“What we’ve seen almost over the last 10 years now is a huge change in the ways fires have been burning throughout California,” said Jon Heggie, a battalion chief with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.
“The concerns that we have heard have been mostly from students. It’s interesting. I hadn’t thought about it actually, until you asked that, but I haven’t heard from parents.”
In 2018, Folly Beach along with a 26-mile stretch underwent emergency beach renourishment to restore sand lost from Hurricanes. The damage was so bad that the Army Core of Engineers paid for the entire cost of renourishment.