Noting that the loss of 26.5 million veterans' records this month is the latest in a series of national wake-up calls for enhanced information security, the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) released a top ten list of practical steps for organizations to avoid such losses in the future.

"We've had the wake-up call, now we actually need to wake-up," said ITAA Vice President Greg Garcia. "Too often, information security is number 11 on an organization's list of top ten tech priorities. It is perceived as important--but not important enough to take sufficient action. This episode reminds us that avoiding serious data breaches means taking the practical steps necessary to cover all the bases."

The ITAA top ten list for information security on-site and teleworking environments is available on the ITAA website. It reflects the thinking of dozens of leading information security and information technology companies. The list focuses on the process, people and technology issues deemed critical to establishing a solid baseline for information security.