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Kayla Nick-Kearney

Kayla Nick-Kearney is a staff writer for Techwire.

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a new Office of Digital Innovation and innovation academy in the state's proposed 2019-20 budget. He's calling for significant change in state IT governance and procurement practices.
One of California Gov. Gavin Newsom's first acts after inauguration was to sign an executive order creating a new path for state agencies to buy technology, pushing procurement in a more modern direction.
The Government Operations Agency has launched the California Code website. The site will host policies and, eventually, the state's open source projects.
The city of San Jose, Calif., the largest part of Silicon Valley, is launching its self-driving vehicle pilot with Mercedes-Benz and Bosch. Next year, it will begin an on-demand transportation pilot program as well.
Marcelo Peredo took the chief cybersecurity position in April.
The Multiple Interactive Learning Objective simulator is now in every adult institution to help train custodial and noncustodial officers.
The 2018 election security playbook has been released by the county's Registrar of Voters.
The California Air Resources Board will discuss its progress on creating metrics to measure greenhouse gases.
At the 2018 CIO Academy in LA, CIO's from across the state reiterated the importance of how IT partnerships are at their strongest with creative collaborations.
The project will cost LA County $4.4 million, with $2.8 million as the implementation cost, with the system offering reporting and in-system scoring functions which saves the staff days' worth of time.
LA County will team up with two of CSULA's senior computer engineering projects, entering as a test-run for a long-term effort.
California representatives talk about getting serious on security.
Financial Information System CIO Subbarao Mupparaju speaks up about his department's security efforts.
Brown says that establishing an online college would make higher education more affordable and accessible to Californians.
The city is finalizing a contract to build a Web application through which residents will find explanations of what each department and division budget does, and be able to leave notes and comments.
Los Angeles County’s Human Resources Department serves 108,000 employees.
California has released information about schools before in various forms — a dashboard, a database of performance scores, a grading system — but now all of that is rolled into a publicly available app.
The toolkit is under public domain and includes tips, a website and scorecards.
Since operational technology was built pre-Internet and is goal-oriented, its security is not always a top priority
While many other local governments and even the state are struggling to solve the same problem, L.A. has created a repository for IT knowledge.
A pilot program focuses on a 10-mile stretch along Interstate 120 in Southern California, through Pasadena and other cities in the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County.
A portion of the meeting focused on 5G and the Internet of Things with presentations from Verizon and AT&T on network capabilities.
The connected devices in each car should enable companies to gather data about where people are going and when -- data that can be used to map hot spots of where and when people are traveling.
As part of a new pilot program, Los Angeles is deploying kiosks that offer services targeted to the local surroundings in locations throughout the city.
State IT leaders met for a vendor-sponsored cybersecurity education panel called Sacramento Security Day where they discussed ways to improve state-level cybersecurity.
Two takeaways from a recent meeting were injecting humanity into technology and preparing the workforce for more technology in new and sometimes unexpected forms.
The department continues to build out its QuickMap application for real-time traffic information. An iOS version of QuickMap was released in February, after an Android version was made available in 2016.
CalData's goal is to eventually create a toolkit for training employees to use data effectively, getting more and more state employees engaged with available information.
Transitioning to the concept of open data is considered a top priority.
The city is now offering government information through the online retailer's voice-activated digital assistant used across the company's apps and devices.