Orange County, Calif., Prepares for Election Cyberthreats

The 2018 election security playbook has been released by the county's Registrar of Voters.

by / April 25, 2018

Orange County's playbook focuses on protecting the systems involved with the county's elections, including details on how to protect voter information from physical and cybersecurity breaches.

An incident response plan has been outlined, and partnerships at the federal and local level will help to keep the plan updated.

One such partnership includes the registrar, Neal Kelley, serving on the Department of Homeland Security's Government Coordinating Council for the Election Infrastructure Subsector. The council shares evolving risk and incident information. It also collects and analyzes risk data.

Some steps in the playbook include surveys and improvements of physical security and controls. Administrative and technical controls have been updated. Audits and voter list maintenance have also been planned.

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Kayla Nick-Kearney

Kayla Nick-Kearney is a staff writer for Techwire.

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