SeeClickFix Adds Resource Tracking, Activity Updates to App

Work Orders version 2 offers resource guidelines and tracking, activity streaming and progress updates via photos and communication to the SeeClickFix app, giving governments more tools to keep employees in the loop.

SeeClickFix, a communication platform for citizens and city employees, announced this week a new version of the Work Orders feature set within its app, a product that lets government employees correspond internally and address reported issues.

As described in a blog on the company’s website, Work Orders version 2 includes resource tracking, activity streaming and request-updating features. These come in two new modules: Resource Center and Activity Stream.

Resource Center gives crews in the field the ability to plan for what they’ll need to complete a work order and update their records according to what the job actually required. More specifically, Resource Center allows departments to create guidelines for the resources that staff will need to complete a specific kind of task, such as replacing stop signs or fixing potholes; tracking the budgeted and actual cost of work orders; and exporting completed work orders to a comma-separated file for further analysis.

“It’s all customer-driven,” said SeeClickFix spokesman Steve Machesney. “The idea is that a [public works] director, for example, is going to be asked at some point during the year, ‘What does it cost to repair potholes? What is it costing us to repair downed street signs?’ Without a tool like ours, they have a hard time getting that granular visibility.”

Activity Stream adds functionality to the commenting aspect of the platform, making it easier for workers to track the chain of events involved in getting a project done. These functions include simple updates like the ability to @mention other employees to keep them in the loop, add photos to make a visual record of progress and automatically connect photos with the associated request involved. Once a project is complete, staff can send the requestor an update from the app.

Initially launched in 2009 as a Web-based tool for citizens to report complaints, SeeClickFix has resolved more than 4 million individual issues through its platform.