Ohio Schools Earn $25,000 Grant For Digital Learning

Schools in Middletown, Ohio, emphasize the science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics or STEAM curricula, and district officials were recently awarded with a grant from the Middletown Community Foundation.

by Michael D. Clark, Journal-News / February 10, 2020

(TNS) — Middletown Schools’ work to fire up its “STEAM” learning for students just got a $25,000 boost.

The city schools in recent years have emphasized the science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics or STEAM curricula for its 6,300 students and district officials were recently awarded with a grant from the Middletown Community Foundation.

The $25,000 grant, which was presented by foundation officials during a recent Middletown Board of Education meeting, elicited appreciation from the leaders of the Butler County school system.

“It’s truly an honor and humbling to be granted an opportunity to build upon a movement that our students have embraced. The potential impact this has on them will go much further than the four walls of our schools.” said School Board President Chris Urso.

In a statement released by district officials, they praised the grant, saying it will help the district’s efforts in “constantly pursuing ways to level the playing field for all learners with additions such as the Middie Meal Machine and AR/VR technology,” also granted by the foundation.

The partnership of Middletown Community Foundation and Middletown Schools has been well-established with similar goals of strengthening the Middletown community and the district, said officials.

Middletown Schools Superintendent Marlon Styles Jr. said “we are extremely grateful for the Middletown Community Foundation’s generous donation.”

“Our mission is to engage each student with challenging and innovative experiences in a supportive environment, propelling them to lifelong success. We are always excited when we see the community invest in our schools. They believe in our students just as much as the district,” said Styles.

Traci Barnett, Middletown Community Foundation CEO, said “the Middletown Community Foundation is a champion for education. When an opportunity arises to help equip and create technology advances for our students, we are definitely going to consider it.”

“We’re very proud to be making an impact in our schools as we see this as an investment in our children,” said Barnett.

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