Call It Robotics or Automation — Either Way, a Job Killer

300 pizzas an hour — can you do that?

by Eric Holdeman / October 7, 2019

See this video and then tell me how this contraption compares to a $15-an-hour worker, who could be eligible for health benefits on top of the salary, Pizza Robot can Make 300 Pies an Hour.

Add, "hold the tomatoes" to the online ordering system and also the oven the pizza goes through and cooks in 15 minutes or less, and you have the future. I thought I might see a "pizza-dough-tossing robot," but that must still be in development.

I've always said, that a robot can "drop fries" as well as a human. Food service jobs will be decreasing soon, as will other more complex positions as future robotics prove their efficiency and productivity at reduced cost to the employer. 

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