Putting Funding Efforts into Perspective

Any effort that exceeds nothing is progress, but do put it in perspective.

by Eric Holdeman / June 14, 2019

See this short article about the new California effort at building disaster resilience among the general population, How to reduce the risk of wildfire and other climate change-related disasters.

I applaud any effort that advances the cause of disaster readiness among our general population. If every state did what California is doing by putting $50M toward this effort, we could make some real progress. Let's just recognize how far $50M goes in California. With a population exceeding 39.5M, the $50M provides for $1.26 of effort per person. Compared to "nothing," zip, zilch, nada, it can make a difference, but it is stretching the dollars.

In a similar vein, the $10M being allocated "nationally" for catastrophic planning for either housing or supply chain projects is a pittance — remembering that 100 urban communities are eligible to compete for the funding. Food fight!



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