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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is seeking proposals from companies for a transit system that would feature all-electric autonomous mini buses that citizens can call for via an app or city kiosk.
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After pulling shared e-scooters from Miami streets, the city commission decided during a special meeting to continue the pilot program through early next year, this time with more oversight and regulations.
Merced County leaders say the $2.1 million expansion of the self-driving car testing site is now complete after months of construction — signaling the next chapter in the county's quest to attract the AV industry.
Even in California — the largest electric vehicle market in the country — getting chargers installed in multi-unit housing is met with significant obstacles that range from ownership inertia to power supplies.
Researchers have long known that communities of color, which tend to be lower income, are more vulnerable to air pollution. A new study using Google Street View cars quantifies the exact size of those disparities.
The 3rd District Court of Appeal in Sacramento, Calif., rejected yet another civil lawsuit alleging that the California high-speed rail project is unconstitutional. The decision came yesterday.
A new Climate Action Plan in Oregon states one of the most effective ways to reduce emissions will be transitioning to zero emission vehicles, including electric, plug-in hybrids and hydrogen powered vehicles.
State officials are lauding the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill as a chance to improve the state's rugged roads and broadband access. Both issues have long been a weak spot for the state.
The governor announced a state-endorsed push towards electric vehicles, including an increase in the number of public EV charging stations throughout the state. The program is being called “Drive Electric Alabama.”
Downtown Miami’s break from electric scooters lasted about a week, but they’re coming back with more regulations during a busy holiday season that brings thousands of art lovers and tourists to the city.
The new infrastructure bill has transportation and transit agencies thinking about which projects to prioritize to advance cleaner and more efficient transportation systems for the next several decades.
State government officials in Tennessee are attempting to gauge the impact that electrical vehicles could have on funding for Tennessee highways. The more electric vehicles on the road, the less the gas tax works.
Florida is seeing many new apps that pledge to make it easier to pay highway tolls, but transportation officials say sticking with the pre-existing SunPass and E-PASS is still the best way to pay.
Fearing it has already fallen behind neighboring Indiana and Michigan, the Ohio House has voted overwhelmingly to create a 10-member commission to help drive electric vehicle production in the state.
The federal grants program that funded the Smart City Challenge is set to grow to $500 million under the recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, vastly expanding transportation innovation opportunities.
On-demand transit projects, like Metro Micro in Los Angeles, are proving instructive to how larger fixed-route services can evolve to be more convenient, flexible and equitable forms of mobility.