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For the second time in as many months, Dallas County officials have disclosed they’ve been tricked by cyber criminals, only this time their mistake appears to have been far more costly.
After many years of predictions about the rise of telehealth, the vast changes in health care brought about by the pandemic are giving it momentum like never before in this current moment.
Some rural school districts in the vast and varied state say that the current infrastructure will not provide electric vehicles with the range they need to effectively get all students to schools.
As cities update timeless technology like streetlights, they are laying the groundwork for smart city connectivity and data gathering. Artificial intelligence will help sift through the mounds of data these projects create.
Consumer advocates and police are urging vigilance this holiday shopping season against cyber crimes like fraud and identity theft, reports of which have skyrocketed the past 20 years with an expected rise through December.
The order defines zero-emissions as “any vehicles that use a propulsion technology that does not produce greenhouse-gas emission,” which leaves the door open to options beyond electric vehicles.
The pay for Internet cable installers means that $1.2 billion in federal broadband expansion money coming to Pennsylvania in 2025 will not go as far unless workers in the less hazardous jobs are paid appropriately.
Career Ready DC, a new AI-matching technology platform from the DC Department of Employment Services and Eightfold AI, aims to help match residents with employment opportunities more efficiently and equitably.
Too often, urban technology doesn’t scale across cities because it’s simply not ready for prime time, experts argued at the recent Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo in National Harbor, Md.
After dozens of fires caused by combusting batteries used in electric scooters and bikes in recent years, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is set to consider imposing new restrictions on the rechargeable devices.
Long Beach Utilities Department CIO Paula Crowell was set to take over as Santa Monica’s CIO Dec. 18, but the far-reaching impacts of a November cyber attack prompted her to reconsider the transition.
From budget priorities and emerging tech to workforce needs and top concerns, here's a by-the-numbers look at the 56 most digital cities in the nation.
A dozen Houston-area state lawmakers sent a letter to Houston ISD Superintendent Mike Miles asking him to restore a partnership with Verizon that provided free laptops and Internet access to thousands of students.
Sitting along the corner of a public parking lot in downtown Mitchell are four new electric vehicle charging stations that were installed in late November, making them the first of their kind for the area and city.
Days before Sam Altman was fired — and then rehired — as CEO of OpenAI, researchers at the company wrote a letter to its board of directors warning that a major new discovery could threaten humanity.