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La Quinta, Calif., in the lush Coachella Valley, has turned to an AI-powered solution that mines real estate transactions and other data to zero in on the homes that are operating as unpermitted vacation rentals.
Fred Richardson, a councilman running for mayor in Mobile, Ala., refused to do cybersecurity training overseen by the city's mayor. After being locked out of his email, Richardson referenced Jim Crow.
Earlier this week, UC San Diego Health disclosed that it experienced a data breach between December 2020 and April 2021 that could have compromised sensitive patient information. The breach occurred through phishing.
Plus, New York City moves to expand access to high-speed Internet for housing authority residents, and a Florida city wins a national award for using communication effectively to inspire change.
Successful technology deployments in government require technical know-how as well as non-technical skill sets. Here is what to look for when building your team.
After weeks of debate, a bipartisan group of senators has reached a deal on infrastructure worth about $1 trillion, with $550 billion in new spending. Now the group awaits the reactions of their many colleagues.
The city of Austin is one of 150 government agencies and institutions throughout the state of Texas that has utilized GTY solutions for digital transformation. Here's why and how Austin has gone more digital.
Before the pandemic, Brunswick, Ga., received a roughly $1.7 million grant to establish a bus system. The city must now figure out how to make the system sustainable given how COVID-19 can affect ridership patterns.
The five members of the new Vermont Community Broadband Board will funnel resources to local communications union districts, amplifying their efforts to extend reliable Internet to the farthest reaches of the state.
The Richmond County Sheriff's Office in Georgia is employing a camera system from Altanta-based company Flock Safety to track down criminals. Those who use the system claim it's not a threat to privacy.
The Regional Transit District in Colorado needs to increase ridership, so it is looking at the option of using pandemic relief funds to reduce fares, but that idea could spell trouble for the overall budget.
Though much smaller than places like Greenwich and Stamford, Westport ranks first in Connecticut for electric vehicle registrations per capita. Westport's support for EVs stems from its affluence and environmentalism.
Yesterday, Cisco hosted a roundtable discussion about Internet access featuring local, regional and international perspectives. The speakers covered everything from accountability of leadership to Wi-Fi innovation.
In March, the Camden County Police Department launched a TikTok page that has received almost 4 million views. Police Chief Gabe Rodriguez said the account has boosted both officer moral and public relations.
Water may be among the least cyber-defended critical infrastructure sectors. Keeping it safe may include channeling more funds and training to tiny agencies and establishing voluntary guidelines.