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The Montgomery County Public Schools district is transitioning all 1,400 school buses to electric models, aggressively retiring diesel buses as more districts explore funding and cleaner transportation options.
The move will give Granicus a variety of tools for collecting public sentiment — polling and surveys, website analytics, etc. — as well as tools to understand that data and personalize user experiences.
As the Smart Columbus project closes out its five-year run, the city is preparing for a new smart city future, building on the projects, successes and lessons learned to begin exploring innovations around renewable energy and closing the digital divide.
Years ago, Albuquerque, N.M., installed a red light camera system that was unpopular and eventually canned. The city is now considering a new camera system that would only target vehicles moving at dangerous speeds.
Researchers from the University of Texas at San Antonio want to evaluate whether electric scooters can effectively collect data on everything from weather to traffic. The tech needed for the research is in development.
The Kandiyohi County commissioners reached a consensus this week, committing $1,314,386 to a project that will expand high-speed broadband to Dovre, Mamre, St. Johns and Arctander townships.
Andrew “Pete” Peterson, who was CIO of the California city since 2017, has joined San Francisco-based executive search firm Riviera Partners as its chief technology officer. His first day on the job was Monday.

Amanda Daflos, the chief innovation officer for the city of Los Angeles, has stepped down from her post to accept an executive position at the Bloomberg Center for Public Innovation at Johns Hopkins University.
U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg addressed the opening session of the Forth Roadmap Conference this week, stressing the need to transform the transportation sector as a central effort to combat climate change.
Building on its existing 5G small cell networks with AT&T and Verizon, San Jose, Calif., asked the companies to shift expansion to neighborhoods of high need, creating a “virtuous cycle” to boost connectivity.
By slowing down drivers 2 miles per hour in strategic areas during high-risk times of day, the startup and its government partners found they could reduce highway crashes in Southern Nevada.
Polk County, Fla., has had a broadband advisory committee and broadband plan for years, but many residents still have trouble performing duties for school and work due to a lack of affordable high-speed Internet.
New research from the Union of Concerned Scientists found that as electric utilities phase out fossil fuels like coal, the electric cars they recharge far outpace gas-powered cars when considering overall greenhouse gas emissions.
Plus, Baltimore unveils a new data dashboard related to traffic stops; a Tennessee accelerator pushes to boost tech companies in the state; New Mexico seeks to improve Internet access and more.
Kehoe has garnered acclaim for his work with the largest county in the nation since he took on the role in 2017, as well as for his previous work as CIO for King County, Wash. Now he’s making the leap to the state level.