Breakthrough RFID System for the Management of Legal Documents

Law firm Lhermet, La Bigne & Remy now can identify tens of thousands of paper files in a matter of minutes.

by / June 25, 2007
Tagsys and Indent, the French specialist in RFID systems integration and antitheft protection for document management, today announced the world's first RFID system to track and manage client files in a law firm. Tagsys and Indent deployed the system at Paris-based Lhermet, La Bigne & Remy (LLR) for the firm's tens of thousands of archived legal documents. The deployment denotes significant implications both for the RFID industry and for any business seeking to manage high volumes of densely stacked documents.

After its initial RFID deployment on 10,000 client files, LLR reported a considerable reduction of lost files and, most importantly, a decrease in time required to take daily inventory from one hour to a few minutes. The firm is currently converting its next set of 10,000 documents.

"Since LLR's RFID deployment, the firm's overall productivity has dramatically improved," said Vincent Remy, associate lawyer of LLR. "In addition, integration of the new system was extremely rapid. The firm did not have to change its referencing system or the files themselves to accommodate the RFID tags."

LLR specializes in patent law and intellectual property for individuals and companies. The firm is 40-people strong and has yearly revenues in excess of four million Euros. The company manages more than 30,000 archived files and adds between 5,000 and 6,000 new files every year. The office uses up to 80 files each day; every employee has access to them, and they are stored on shelves or on desks. LLR's logistics division handles database updates as well as physical search and retrieval of files for any service department within the firm. Until now, searching for files was a cumbersome task -- especially since files often moved frequently from one employee to the next. At worst, locating a single file could take several days.

To help LLR achieve reliable and fast file tracking, Indent and Tagsys combined Indent's Pocket-Filetrak with Tagsys' award-winning, wand-shaped, HF Wi-Fi inventory reader -- attached to a portable Pocket-PC terminal. The terminal runs Windows Mobile 5.0 and Indent's Pocket-Filetrak and Filetrak-Web software. By passing the wand in front of tagged files, the device enables instant identification of files without having to manually handle them.

"Indent and Tagsys were natural partners for the LLR project," said Frederic Hauser, managing director of Indent. "LLR has already begun to see the benefits of immediate ROI and a hassle-free system for managing its extensive archive."

"Indent and Tagsys' success at LLR has added the millions of legal or government documents in the world to the list of items than can be tagged and tracked with an RFID infrastructure," said Olivier Burah, Tagsys' vice president of sales for Europe. "Furthermore, the system can be quickly and easily implemented with immediate, measurable ROI."