Disaster Zone

Disaster Housing Crisis

One story highlights multiple issues.

by Eric Holdeman / April 16, 2018

I read this story in Governing magazine this morning and saw that it touched on multiple issues here on the West Coast. Check out After Wildfires, Housing Crisis Complicates California’s Rebuild. This is about the 2017 fire storms that impacted California. 

The first issue is the need for immediate housing for people whose homes have been destroyed. That feels like what the typical disaster housing issue might be. Additionally, it touches on other issues. Growth management issues for communities, affordable housing, permitting processes, contractor availability and a shortage of skilled trades people. Not to mention zoning and what types of housing can be built in various communities.

All of the above just adds to the complexity of disaster recovery. Emergency managers cannot see themselves as being only one-dimensional when you have a disaster impacting your community. All of the above will impact your ability to recover as a "whole community."