Disaster Zone

Indoor Google Maps

Now you can see the inside of many public buildings.

by Eric Holdeman / January 19, 2013

The following information below was sent to me.  It explains the power that Google Indoor Maps has by adding indoor areas.  I see that this is only on Android smart phones as an app, but I've seen how Google treats technology and they are not one to withhold data from the marketplace.  


This has great utility to first responders (yes, the bad guys can use it too for planning) in responding to a scene.  It used to be we only had pre-fire plans for buildings that the fire department kept in three ringed binders.  Now, much of that information can be in the palm of your hand.


"Google released an updated mobile application (app) for Android phones giving detailed floor plans for public buildings like malls, box stores, casinos, and even airports. Indoor Google Maps was created to help people navigate unfamiliar locations, but it also gives a new free indoor mapping tool to emergency and public safety responders. Indoor Google Maps shows your position as a small blue dot moving as you move through the landscape. If you are near or in a building with an available floor plan, it will show a detailed diagram - and can even show what level you are on within the building.  Google reports it has over 10,000 floor plans available with more being added. SeaTac Airport and Northgate Mall are two Pac NW sites that have been uploaded. Floor plans can only be uploaded by businesses that own the rights to the plans, and can only include public areas. Excluded are secure areas (such as in airports), national defense locations, and dwellings."