Disaster Zone

New FEMA School Safety Guide on Natural Hazards

Hot off the press ...

by Eric Holdeman / July 11, 2017

John Schelling, former earthquake program manager for Washington state, who has not moved on to greener pastures, shared the following.

"I thought you might find the new FEMA publication, Safer, Stronger, Smarter: A Guide to Improving School Natural Hazard Safety, of interest and potential use within your work. This new guide aims to help schools increase their resilience, and in doing so, the overall community’s resilience, to a variety of natural hazards.

The initial chapters are generally applicable to all schools, but hazard-specific annexes (earthquake, tsunami, flood, tornado, high wind, hurricane, etc.) are included to support school personnel as they tackle those unique aspects of their emergency planning. 

Please feel free to share this new school safety guide within your networks so it gets put into application and local schools become safer and more disaster resilient!"

Note: As a quick aside, John served as a principal author and member of the project management committee that led the development of this exciting new product.